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Chapter 5: A Chance Meeting

Author: phantomunmasked
Title: A Chance Meeting
Setting: Enchanted Opera Island
Characters: Count Octavian Rofrano, Feldmarschallin
Words: 1,150
Rating: PG

"Hello there, stranger."Collapse )

Side-story 3: Tempus Fugit, a Magazine

Tempus Fugit, a Magazine
Author: Phantomunmasked
Characters: Marie Theres, Octavian, Mariandel, Rosina, Lindoro, Susanna, Cherubino, Dorabella, Fiordiligi, Tosca, Cavaradossi, Mimi, Radames, Aida, Amneris, Elektra, Countess Geschwitz, Lulu, Violetta, Manon, Sycorax, Charlotte, Werther, Sophie, Brunnhilde, Donna Elvira
Setting: AU Devil Wears Prada
Words: 3,300
Rating: G

Author's Note: Dedicated to MezzoAlex!!

The ringing of a cell phone shattered the relative morning peace.Collapse )