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Chapter 3

Author: journeyintonight
Title: Chapter 3, “Gotcha”
Characters: Susanna, Figaro, Donna Elvira, Don Giovanni.
Setting: Enchanted Opera Island, a forest
Words: 1,256
Rating: PG-13

Author's Note: I’m really sorry this took so long. (I had a paper to deliver last week!) That’s done and the Muse is back. All is well. I hope you enjoy it!


She was running...Collapse )

Side-story 3: Tempus Fugit, a Magazine

Tempus Fugit, a Magazine
Author: Phantomunmasked
Characters: Marie Theres, Octavian, Mariandel, Rosina, Lindoro, Susanna, Cherubino, Dorabella, Fiordiligi, Tosca, Cavaradossi, Mimi, Radames, Aida, Amneris, Elektra, Countess Geschwitz, Lulu, Violetta, Manon, Sycorax, Charlotte, Werther, Sophie, Brunnhilde, Donna Elvira
Setting: AU Devil Wears Prada
Words: 3,300
Rating: G

Author's Note: Dedicated to MezzoAlex!!

The ringing of a cell phone shattered the relative morning peace.Collapse )
We Were All in Love and We All Got Hurt
Author: vedrai-carino
Characters: Fiordiligi, Ferrando, Dorabella, Gugliemo
Composers: Mozart
Setting: Cosi fan tutte - original opera
Prompt: from journeyintonight: Fiordiligi recognizes Ferrando during “Fra gli amplessi”, and despite a moment of remorse, goes for it.
Words: around 1000
Rating: G

It was like time had slowed down...Collapse )

Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Opera Teen
Characters: Minnie(La Fanciulla del West), Violetta Valery(La Traviata), Mimi(La Boheme), Donna Elvira(Don Giovanni), Cherubino, The Countess Rosina Almaviva, Sussana(Mention only)(La Nozze di Figaro) Magda de Civry(La Rondine), Despina(Mention, Cosi fan Tutte), Elektra(Elektra), Octavian Rofrano(Der Rosenkavalier), Floria Tosca(Tosca) and probably some others I forgot.
Composers: Mozart, Strauss, Puccini, Verdi
Words: Somewhere around 2750
Rating: PG-13

“What have we told you about women, Cherubino? Stay away!”Collapse )

Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Author: OperaRox
Characters: surprise!
Composers: Mozart, Strauss
Setting: Enchanted Opera Island, the forest
Words: 1,190
Rating: PG

Chapter 1Collapse )

Author's Notes: I hope you enjoyed!  I just wanted to kickstart this project with this sort of fic.  You don't have to do what I did - you can take any approach you want.  Come back soon for OperaTeen's chapter! :)