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Opera Plot Bunnies

Here are some of the plot bunnies that you guys have generated at my liveshow.  This list will keep changing, so pay attention!

You can use these to stimulate your chapter or to create side-stories, which will also be posted here on the blog.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Author: OperaRox
Characters: surprise!
Composers: Mozart, Strauss
Setting: Enchanted Opera Island, the forest
Words: 1,190
Rating: PG

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Author's Notes: I hope you enjoyed!  I just wanted to kickstart this project with this sort of fic.  You don't have to do what I did - you can take any approach you want.  Come back soon for OperaTeen's chapter! :)

Enchanted Opera Island Basic Rules

1. Any and every character from any and every opera can exist on the Enchanted Opera Island.  Each author decides which characters they decide to include in his/her chapter.

2. There doesn't need to be any continuity of character between chapters.

3. The Island has a modern city, period cities, and a jungle/forest area.  You can choose to write in whichever setting you decide.

4. No R-Rated material allowed.  Slash is fine.

5. No actual (real-life) people allowed on the Island - no singers, no composers, only characters.

6. Use your imagination, explore your fantasies, and have fun! :)

Any and all questions directed to Operarox.


Welcome to the Enchanted Opera Island!

This blog is used to showcase the Opera Fanfiction Project, which is being hosted by operarox.tumblr.com. 

There is no purpose for this except to have fun and create some fanfiction for characters in the opera world.  Each chapter will be written by a different author and there isn't meant to be too much continuity between chapters.  All characters are fair game, since they all now live together on the Enchanted Opera Island.  You can find out more about the Enchanted Opera Island at this post.

Have fun! :)

You can message operarox.tumblr.com with any questions.