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Chapter 3

Author: journeyintonight
Title: Chapter 3, “Gotcha”
Characters: Susanna, Figaro, Donna Elvira, Don Giovanni.
Setting: Enchanted Opera Island, a forest
Words: 1,256
Rating: PG-13

Author's Note: I’m really sorry this took so long. (I had a paper to deliver last week!) That’s done and the Muse is back. All is well. I hope you enjoy it!


She was running...Collapse )

We Were All in Love and We All Got Hurt
Author: vedrai-carino
Characters: Fiordiligi, Ferrando, Dorabella, Gugliemo
Composers: Mozart
Setting: Cosi fan tutte - original opera
Prompt: from journeyintonight: Fiordiligi recognizes Ferrando during “Fra gli amplessi”, and despite a moment of remorse, goes for it.
Words: around 1000
Rating: G

It was like time had slowed down...Collapse )