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Chapter 3

Author: journeyintonight
Title: Chapter 3, “Gotcha”
Characters: Susanna, Figaro, Donna Elvira, Don Giovanni.
Setting: Enchanted Opera Island, a forest
Words: 1,256
Rating: PG-13

Author's Note: I’m really sorry this took so long. (I had a paper to deliver last week!) That’s done and the Muse is back. All is well. I hope you enjoy it!


She was running...Collapse )

Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Author: OperaRox
Characters: surprise!
Composers: Mozart, Strauss
Setting: Enchanted Opera Island, the forest
Words: 1,190
Rating: PG

Chapter 1Collapse )

Author's Notes: I hope you enjoyed!  I just wanted to kickstart this project with this sort of fic.  You don't have to do what I did - you can take any approach you want.  Come back soon for OperaTeen's chapter! :)